We take pride in having the largest production capacity and highest quality aggregate

Beginning with the river aggregate business in 1974, we run a total of 10 sites nationwide including areas where aggregate quarry, blasting aggregate, and sea sand originated by opening a large-scale rock quarry site in Hwaseong and Yangju cities in 1986 and 1988, respectively. We are driving the aggregate market in the capital area by maintaining seamless distribution and consistent quality.

We also strive to produce high-quality aggregates through R&D activities. By attaining the KS certification in quarry as the first in the aggregate industry in 2006, we are upgrading the quality of both the aggregate industry and concrete. Going forward, we will continue to maintain and supply high-quality aggregates stably nationwide based on our production know-how.

No.1 for 13 consecutive years in the Assessment of Aggregate Extraction Capacity by MOLIT
Korea's first KS certification in a aggregate site  (All sites attained the KS certification)

Ranked no.1 for 13 consecutive years in the assessment of aggregate extraction capacity

We have been maintaining our number one status for 13 consecutive years in the Assessment of Aggregate Extraction Capacity conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) since 2008. The evaluation comprehensively assesses aggregate extraction performance, as well as equipment and credit rating. This demonstrates that we are recognized as the most reliable supplier of aggregates.

We have a capacity of supplying Ready-mixed concrete(RMC) aggregates of more than 13M㎥ annually in 10 aggregate quarry. This is equivalent to 15% (total of 82 M㎥) of the RMC aggregate supply volume for capital areas. We also produce various products including aggregates for asphalt concrete and civil engineering projects.

Manufactured high-quality aggregate 
Collecting high-quality sea sand

Accounted for 21% of market share in the capital area with 10 aggregate sites nationwide

Aggregates with outstanding and uniform quality as demonstrated by the first KS certification obtained in Korea

Aggregates are very important construction materials used in blending concrete, asphalt, and others. Since they have a great impact on the life cycle of a building, a high and uniform quality matters.

Starting with its obtainment of Korea’s first KS certification through thorough inspection and management of quality, we are driving the standardization of the aggregate quality by obtaining the KS certification for all of our six rock quarries. We are also supplying aggregates with excellent and uniform quality by using the highest quality gemstones with high compressive strength.

Development of eco-friendly resources

The urban development in the capital area alongside the development of Korean economy since the 1970s was possible due to the stable supply of aggregates, a construction base material. We operate the aggregate business under thorough planning in consideration of environmental and economic assessment to make it environment friendly in all stages, from the complete use of limited resource aggregate to the restoration of a site after development.