Envisioning the foundation for a sustainable future

We consider the tasks that we can work on and put them into practice so that society and the world can continue to make sustainable development through our business, technology, and social contribution activities.

Our management philosophy includes the value of sustainability. With the awareness of limited resources and the environmental impact that people make on earth, we seek solutions to overcome this reality. This is the expression of our strong will and we will take the lead in this move to make sustainable development for both the current and future generations.

We encourage development which fulfills the needs of the current generation while enabling the future generation to meet their needs, incorporate the sustainable perspective into our corporate strategy, and make a harmonious balance between social and economic values.

We contribute to sustainable development through corporate activities

Committed to maintain and develop a prosperous society

SAMPYO is devoted to installing the sustainable social infrastructure.

SAMPYO’s high-quality products including cement, aggregate, and concrete are used in a variety of domestic and overseas buildings and structures. We directly supply quality limestone, product best quality cement, and supply top quality aggregate and concrete. Accordingly, we expand the social infrastructure based on construction materials and concrete products while supporting the industry and innovation.

We also contribute to the building of the railway infrastructure, a major key in the national logistics system. We are leading the work efficiency and innovation in the railway track business including the production and maintenance of a railway track.

Consideration for our planet’s environment

We encourage environmental protection and recovery by pursuing production, advancement, and logistics with a low environmental load. We promote the recovery of the damaged rock quarry environment caused by resource development, effectively using energy in plants and workplaces, reducing GHG emissions, and preventing air, water, and soil pollution.

We have also actively promoted the use of eco-friendly energy in the cement industry. We reduced resource waste and CO2 emissions by replacing bunker C with bituminous coals and using plastic waste, one of the circular resources, as fuel. We also respond to climate changes by using the heat energy generated after running the waste heat power plant in an eco-friendly way.

Contribution to the resource circulation society

We create value with the use of industrial wastes and by-products generated from cement and circular resource plants. We are committed to the advancement of a resource circulation society through our recycling business.

The cement manufactured through the recycling of industrial by-products are used in installing infrastructures nationwide, thereby contributing to our society and the environment. With the increasing volume of waste plastic in the cement production process, we resolve social issues while seeking increase in profit. Moreover, we maximize the value of resources through our waste home appliances and scrap business.

Talent development and healthy workplace

We expand the hiring of talent driving growth and innovation and encourage employees to engage in creative thinking activities. With an emphasis on employee training and social diversity, we keep expanding our talent development efforts and social opportunities.

We place safety as the top priority in each of our workplaces, value human rights, and create a work environment where all employees can work healthily and safely.