SAMPYO values people, our society, and the environment
We dream of laying the foundation for a prosperous future

Our tireless effort & spirit to challenge toward change will continue

We have consistently made efforts to make the world a better place for over half a century


2021 . 08
Announced the 2050 Carbon Zero Roadmap of SAMPYO
2020 . 11
Introduced the web and mobile integrated order platform “SAMPYO SMART ORDER” for the first time in the building material industry
2020 . 11
SAMPYO Cement Co., Ltd. recorded 300 million tons in cumulative production volume of cement clinker as a single plant for the first time in Korea
2020 . 09
SAMPYO Industry Co., Ltd. obtained low carbon product certification in “specifications for three RMC products”
2020 . 03
SAMPYO Industry Co., Ltd. jointly developed a three-dimensional (3D) printing construction technology for atypical structures with Hyundai Engineering (HEC)


2019 . 09
SAMPYO Cement Co., Ltd. joined World Cement Association (WCA) as the first company in Korea
2018 . 12
SAMPYO Industry Co., Ltd., the only company to attain certification from the International Accredited Testing Laboratory in the Integrated Quality Test Center area
2017 . 01
SAMPYO Industry Co., Ltd. deployed mobile & web order service besides the automatic shipment system for mortar as the industry’s first
2015 . 09
Tongyang Cement & Energy Corp. was incorporated into one of the subsidiaries of SAMPYO Group (current SAMPYO Cement Co., Ltd.)
2013 . 10
SAMPYO Group made transition to a holding company system (holding company: SAMPYO Co., Ltd.)
2011 . 04
SAMPYO E&C CO., LTD succeeded in developing ultra-high strength (130 MPa) PHC pile as a first in the world


2009 . 10
Opened SAMPYO Group Training Center
2007 . 04
SAMPYO Co., Ltd. launched high-performance RMC brand “BLUECON”
2006 . 10
The deceased honorary president Chung In wook was selected as “Top 60 engineers who revived the Korean economy”
2004 . 07
SAMPYO Group changed the CIs and names of subsidiaries
2000 . 12
Established SAMPYO INFORMATION SYSTEM CO., LTD. (current the DI division of SAMPYO Co., Ltd.)
2000 . 11
Established SAMPYO Railway R&D Center


1999 . 12
Established KOREA CYBER LOGISTICS CO., LTD (currently the Logistics Business Division of SAMPYO)
1998 . 03
Chung Do won appointed as CEO of SAMPYO Industry Co., Ltd.
1994 . 07
Established SAMPYO Track Co., Ltd. (current SAMPYO Railway Co., Ltd.)
1993 . 07
Established S-CONTEC(SAMPYO Concrete Testing & Evaluation Center)
1993 . 02
Established Gangwon Industry Scholarship Foundation (Currently Chung In wook Scholarship Foundation)
1992 . 08
Attained the license for railway and track construction business
1992 . 02
Selected as a company manufacturing high-speed railway turnouts


1986 . 04
Began the flyash business (started powder business)
1980 . 03
Kangwon Industry Co., Ltd. established the Railway Business Division (started railway business)


1977 . 07
Started operating RMC plants in Seongsu and Pungnap (started RMC business)
1976 . 02
Attained the license for the aggregate extraction and sale business (started aggregate business)
1974 . 07
Acquired Hankook Yanghoe’s plant (started concrete business)
1974 . 07
SamKang Logistics changed its name to SAMPYO Industry Co., Ltd.


1966 . 12
Established Sam Kang Logistics(former SAMPYO Group) (briquette and aggregate transportation business)