We grow together with our employees
by paving the way for change with creative ideas toward a brighter future


SAMPYO offers a variety of benefits for employees to ensure a stable and prosperous life

  • Rental car support

    Provide rental car for sales people to reduce expenses

  • Tuition reimbursement program

    Support tuition reimbursement programs and educational expenses, in support of developing employees' self-development and easing the burden of child education

  • Business assistance

    Support fuel, vehicle maintenance, phone bills, and transportation costs for business activities

  • Refresh support

    Provide paid leave (2 days) in summer and winter seasons

  • Housing support

    Housing support for employees who work far from their residence

  • Health checkup

    Provide employees with medical checkups on a regular basis

  • Club activity support

    Support employees' various club activities

  • Retirement pension program

    Introduce and operate a retirement pension program to protect employees' welfare and living

  • Expenditure for congratulations and condolences

    Support funeral supplies, wreath and expenditure for congratulations and condolences

  • Welfare point

    Offer welfare points for their benefits