Business overview

SAMPYO values people, society, and environment
We dream of laying the foundation for the prosperous future
Supplying basic materials required for creating a space where people live 

We make RMC, PC, and PHC piles by collecting construction materials including cement, powder, aggregate, and mortar. With such fundamental materials, 
we build the foundation for the construction of social infrastructure.

We provide the materials to the sites and plants that customers asked for by using transportation means and logistic services including the railway, ships, bulk trailers, and dump trucks. 
This shows how we maintain our railway and logistics business.

We recycle expired construction materials by not disposing of them. By doing so, we continue to create the values for our resources and open up the way to the sustainable future. 
This is why we expand the value-creating circular resource (including steel scrap) management and operation business.

We are the only all-in-one solution provider in supplying construction base materials in the environmental industry, providing customers with top quality products and differentiated services including the production, manufacturing, logistics, and maintenance of construction materials and circular resources.

We advance the realization of the sustainable world by constantly creating new values 
through the circulation of resources.

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