Talent development

We grow together with our employees
by paving the way for change with creative ideas toward a bigger future

Talent development

SAMPYO’s talent management goal is to strengthen individual expertise and create synergy in the organization. We offer differentiated training programs for each individual according to their competency level

Basic Course for all employees
  • SAMPYO Value Management System
  • Understanding of business
  • Leadership training by stages
  • Leadership development
Training at work
  • Professional development & skill training
  • Job-related skills and competencies

SAMPYO Training Center

In 2009, SAMPYO established a training center and conducts various educational programs for employee training

Educational facilities

It has three training rooms; an auditorium with a 60 seating capacity, two lecture halls with 30 and 20 seating capacity, respectively

Training facilities

SAMPYO training center has 9 rooms (3 bed rooms and 6 ondol rooms) for employees

Additional facilities

The place offers a foot volleyball field and campsites with campfires

SAMPYO cyber training center

SAMPYO operates an online training system that allows employees to learn whenever and wherever

Education program

  • Company vision
  • Our people
  • Education system chart
  • Credits
  • Internal lecturer
  • Education guide

Training application/report

  • Training application
  • Report
  • Training absent explanation

Online courses

  • e-Learning
  • book-learning
  • Mobile courses

My classroom

  • Learning status
  • Annual learning status
  • Leadership competency