Recruitment process

  • Application
  • Application review
  • Test
  • Interview
  • Health checkup
  • Onboarding

1.​ Application

Applicants for college graduates must access the recruitment website and submit an online application within the specified period.

2.​ Application review

Based on the contents of the application and self-introduction, we evaluate applicants’ qualifications, experience, and passion suitable for the job and the company

3.​ Test

The online-based personality test evaluates applicants’ growth potential

4.​ Interview

An interview is held to evaluate the ability and passion to perform the actual job, strategic thinking ability, and practical competency(30 minutes to 1 hour)

5.​ Health checkup

To check the comprehensive health condition of candidates

6.​ Onboarding

The candidate will join SAMPYO Group as a new employee

Experienced professional recruitment process

The recruitment process consists of application review, personality test, interview, and health checkup. For more details, please refer to the job openings for experienced professionals.

Year-round recruitment

We are looking for passionate talents with a challenging mindset. Applications that are registered for year-round recruitment will be automatically registered with our talent database and will be contacted individually through separate application reviews if there is a need for future workforce.