We supply highly strong concrete pile to be used for construction and civil engineering

In 2009, SAMPYO has supplied a PHC pile to major domestic sites by building Korea’s first production facility line for a large diameter pile. In 2011, SAMPYO has developed and commercialized the first ultra-high-strength (110-130 MPa) PHC pile in Korea. In 2014, SAMPYO has developed and produced an eco-friendly pile (also known as the Green Pile) with low carbon emissions. In 2020, SAMPYO has developed PHC top-down construction method which reduce construction periods, costs, and facilities on the site.

What is a PHC pile?
A Pre-tensioned spun High strength Concrete (PHC) pile is a high strength concrete pile used in foundation which deliver the load of building and civil structures to the ground.

SAMPYO supplies various products on customers’ demand

With Value Engineering (VE) service, SAMPYO will lead customer satisfaction by proposing a structurally safe and economical pile design and supplying high quality products.

Value Engineering
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High strength pile
Ultra-high strength pile
Large diameter pile
Ultra-high strength large diameter pile
PHC pile for top-down method

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