We will lead the future of the precast concrete (PC) industry in Korea

SAMPYO has pioneered a new area in the domestic construction industry with the best production facility and outstanding technological competence in the precast concrete (PC) field. Not being complacent, SAMPYO will continuously develop and innovate in the production paradigm to meet the customers’ requirements and pioneer the PC industry.

What is Precast Concrete (PC)?
Precast concrete is a construction method of manufacturing concrete structures (column, beam, slab, wall, etc.) used in a construction site under strict process management of prefabrication and assembled/constructed on-site. It is a sustainably growing business due to reducing the construction period, high quality, economic efficiency, and environmental friendless.

SAMPYO takes responsibility from the start of the process to the end

We pledge to build trust with customers by providing total services from design, production, and construction to maintenance.

Providing total engineering services

SAMPYO has organized PC design department to fulfill customer requirements on products and secure high-quality products. Also has organized highest standard of Technology Research Institute to secure various outstanding construction methods and products.
Meeting the delivery deadline by stably producing products with the largest production capacity in the industry
Reducing the construction period by obtaining know-how from many PC construction experiences
Organized Customer Service (CS) dedicated organization to respond immediately to customers’ voices including those involving defects or complaints after construction.