Assessments and rewards

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Assessments and rewards

SAMPYO Group operates a talent-oriented performanceist personnel system that challenges future-oriented values and creates valuable results through constant self-development.

Systematically manage organizational/individual performance goals through an annual performance management process, starting with the establishment of goals, and comprehensively assessing performance, competence and potential. Depending on the results of the assessment, annual salary increase conditions are applied differently and organizational/individual performance is actively compensated according to a fair and clear evaluation process.

Performance management process
Goal setting

Set organizational and personal goals based on business-specific KPI pools, and discuss with executives/team leaders/team members

Interim review / coaching

Conduct an interim review to check performance to target / encourage and give guidance to achieve goals 


Evaluate organizational and personal performance to reach the goal/KPIs, self/supervisor assessment, interview, and adjustment  and confirmation


Feedback on assessment results, and coaching 

Evaluation and compensation

Performance-based assessment

Evaluate organizational and personal performance to achieve management goal 

Capabilities-Based Assessment

Evaluate skills and compentencies specific to a job or role

Salary and incentives
Training, job movements
Judging Criteria