Social contribution

Envisioning the foundation for a sustainable future

We create social impact

We value environment, people, and society and consider social impact to be invaluable to creating a better future. We attempt to provide our stakeholders with a positive experience by creating shared values that have a positive impact on our society and the environment.

Our goal : Corporate social responsibility activity

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity is the foundation to create social impact. We consider trust building with our community, partner, and employees the top priority with responsibility in environment, people, and society to create a sustainable future. We make an all-out effort to minimize the negative impact on the environment, caused by the construction material business.

Talent development
We discover and nurture talents. We provide them with training opportunities and encourage them to realize their dreams for growth.
Community support
We continuously communicate with the regional society with genuine care. We contribute to the community and pursue the creation of a warm and bright society.
Environmental protection
We protect the environment thus it can be passed down to the future generation. We treasure the value and meaning that nature has.

CSR activities

Talent development

The Chung In wook Scholarship Foundation was established in 1993 to honor the philosophy of the founder of Kangwon Industry Group (the parent company of SAMPYO Group), honorary president Chung In wook, which is that “Corporate Social Responsibility is about returning corporate profits to society as well as discovering and nurturing talents that our society requires.”

The deceased honorary president Chung In wook returned corporate profits to society at his own expense and fulfilled the corporate social responsibility. The president attempted to locate and educate talent vital to our society, while trying to increase the benefits to our society as a whole and also improving the daily life of all people.
To this end, SAMPYO Group Chairman and his second son Chung Do won funded KRW 1 billion every year since 2002, following the legacy of his deceased father, and the foundation remains financially stable to this day.

Community support

We conduct corporate activities with the community. This is an upcycling bench with the use of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), a construction material made of our products and technology. We are continually striving to offer citizens a comfortable rest in their daily lives. You can easily come across our upcycling benches all over the streets.

We also reach out to local communities even during the frigid cold of winter. As a part of this effort, we deliver coal briquettes, a representative product of Kangwon Industry (parent company of SAMPYO Group), to the households vulnerable to energy deficiency. Moreover, our executives and employees engage in volunteer activities by directly visiting and delivering necessities such as rice to our impoverished neighbors.

Environmental protection

SAMPYO Cement annually participates in the river purification activity around an area close to Osipcheon Stream in Samcheok as part of the movement of “One Company Responsible for One River.” We take the lead in nature preservation activities by removing wastes and exotic plants that disturb the ecosystem in the Osipcheon Stream area.