We place customer satisfaction as the highest priority with our 24-hour automatic shipment system, online order system, and optimal mix proportioning

As the top quality dry mortar manufacturer with a precise measurement system and advanced facilities, our mortar can be used immediately with water at construction sites, to be used according to any purpose without blending with sand since it is already blended including cement, sand, and property improvement agents.

Our dry mortar recorded over 20% in market share within just two years of the product launch. We have a stable supply of raw materials from our subsidiaries and produced dry mortar, and the three plants located in Hwaseong, Incheon, and Gimhae demonstrate an annual production capacity of 2.5 million tons(MT). As we also established a nationwide supply network based on our regional bases, we supply the desired products to our customers in a swift and accurate manner.

As the first in this sector we obtained the Korea Eco-Label and built an online sales network. We will impress our customers with our unparalleled synergy, going much beyond customer satisfaction.

Nationwide supply network system
24-hour automated shipment system

Customer-friendly service

We established a high-tech product order system including a 24-hour automated shipment and integrated web and a mobile order system. As the industry’s first, customers can place orders without time and place restraints with the introduction of our online order/sales network. We operate SAMPYO MORTAR MALL on NAVER’s SmartStore, so customers can order and receive products online.

Dry Mortar product line

We have various types of mortar from regular products widely used in regular plastering, masonry, and flooring to over 10 special products including non-shrink grouting dry mortar, self-leveling dry mortar, and repair and reinforcement dry mortar. They all contribute to improving the performance of structures and work efficiency.

Regular product line

Bag packaging product (four types including regular plastering)
Bulk product (seven types including regular flooring)

Special product line

Non-shrink grouting
(four types including SG 45N)

Self-leveling dry mortar
(SPSL 1040)

Repair and reinforcement mortar
(SPPM 400)

Tile cement
(for tiles, tile joint)