Creating the foundation for sustainable building materials

SAMPYO’s special concrete, BLUECON

Concrete is one of the basic and essential materials used in constructing a building, road, and bridge. As the needs of architecture became subdivided, concrete specialized for each purpose began to be used. Having introduced our high-performance RMC brand of Bluecon in 2007, we are now leading the market of special concrete.

High early strength concrete BLUECON SPEED

BLUECON SPEED is a type of concrete whose early strength is enhanced when manufacturing concrete structures. When regular concrete is used during the construction period in winter, it takes about eight to nine days for hardening while it takes about seven days with BLUECON SPEED. Thus, customers can shorten the construction period as compared to when regular concrete products are used.

In particular, BLUECON SPEED is strengthened in a relatively short period of time, so it enables early removal of a mold. The rapid heating curing period of over two days is required for regular concrete, but if curing temperature conditions of over 13℃ and 18 hours of curing are fulfilled, you can obtain the same strength with BLUECON SPEED, thereby dramatically reducing the frame construction period.

Moreover, BLUECON SPEED not only decreases risk factors including intoxication and suffocation due to the use of lignite or a fan heater, but also saves the rental cost for a rapid heating fan heater with the reduced rapid heating curing time and fuel cost caused in maintaining the temperature. With BLUECONE SPEED, frame construction including day and night labor costs and non-operation expenses can be saved 3% against those generated with regular concrete in terms of total expenses.

It is very effective to use BLUECON SPEED when customers need to complete construction within a short period of time in case of construction work in winter or emergency work. It is usually used in winter, but it can also be used in other seasons such as spring, summer, and autumn season.

Anti-freezing concrete BLUECON WINTER

BLUECON WINTER demonstrates high durability and quality as used in winter. Even when the daily minimum temperature drops to -5℃, BLUECON WINTER prevents initial frost damage since without additional heat curing, its strength development can be enhanced with the minimal curing measures. Thus, it is useful in structures where it is difficult to conduct curing due to a special structure including a high ceiling and wide surface area. With the minimal heat insulation curing, costs can be saved by reducing the number of equipment required in heat curing and installation period.

It is also advantageous in preventing a safety accident. When heat curing concrete, lignite fuel is used. When the fuel is combusted, there is a danger of suffocation due to carbon monoxide (CO). When BLUECON WINTER is used with the minimized rapid heating curing and protecting facility, lignite related safety accidents are preventable, so it can be stably used on site in winter.

Floor concrete BLUECON FLOOR

BLUECON FLOOR is a premium floor concrete that can prevent not only the shrinkage and bleeding of concrete but also the crack, the curling and laitance of concrete. According to the test results, based on the passing of 91 days as compared to regular concrete, the shrinkage phenomenon was reduced by 50%, and bleeding was decreased to 80% after six hours have passed after construction. The compressive strength increased about 14% and the abrasion resistance increased about four times at 200 rotation.

BLUECON FLOOR is usually used in plain concrete for the underground parking lot floor, a logistics center, and commercial facilities. With its outstanding durability, it reduces the possibility of shrinkage, bleeding, and laitance and can save maintenance costs by enhancing abrasion resistance. Moreover, without using wire mesh or fiber stiffener, it demonstrates its performance, so labor and material costs can also be saved.

Self consolidating concrete BLUECON SELF

BLUECON SELF dramatically improves the concrete pouring condition with segregation resistance and self-compaction. With high flowability performance, BLUECON SELF can fill the surroundings of a rebar and the inside of a mold with its self-load without additional compaction when the concrete is not hardened. There is no defect such as bleeding or segregation.

With high flowability, concrete can be poured quickly and easily without moving a horizontal and vertical member. Noise is reduced and work conditions are improved as a vibrator is not required. Moreover, all members are densely filled with concrete so that their surfaces are made uniform. Labor costs and concrete pouring time are saved due to no compaction, so it is highly economical.

In terms of worksite speed, regular concrete takes 14 minutes from pouring to finishing whereas BLUECON SELF takes only seven minutes, which confirms that using BLUECON SELF reduces the working time by 50%. As more skyscrapers are being built and the seismic design standard is enhanced, a construction site has to use a lot of dense rebar structures. Under these circumstances, BLUECON SELF is excellent in improving concrete filling and saving pouring time in a site. It allows customers to flexibly respond to changes in work environment and policy.

20mm concrete BLUECON EASY

BLUECON EASY is made where high-quality KS certified 20 mm aggregate is used in regular concrete to improve work efficiency. It is specialized to a site with special structures or site where rebar is densely used. In regular concrete, usually 25 mm aggregate is blended. For BLUECON EASY, more fine aggregate of 20 mm is used, so it can fill narrow spaces between rebar and the surface is hardened even.

Pouring time can also be more reduced than other concrete products. For instance, when pouring 23 ready-mixed concrete trucks with regular concrete, it takes 2 hours 20 minutes 35 seconds (average of 6 minutes 7 seconds). When BLUECON EASY is used, it takes 2 hours 3 minutes 25 seconds (average of 5 minutes 22 seconds). Accordingly, BLUECON EASY showed distinguished performance by reducing pouring time by about 12%. According to test results, BLUECON EASY demonstrated higher flowability and passing performance by about 25% and 43%, respectively.

Our driving force to make such various concrete products with preeminent quality comes from the Concrete Development Team at SAMPYO Technology Research Institute. The Team has studied the most fundamental performance of concrete including the development of high early strength, high flowability, reduction in drying shrinkage, and ultra-high strength and commercialized products over 10 years. By breaking away from the misconception that there is nothing to change in concrete, our team has made efforts to advance the quality of RMC in Korea one level higher by launching new products.

The team conducts over 10 research projects per year on average from basic research to product development and application to the site based on special concrete products used in RMC and PC plants with experts in various fields including architecture, civil engineering, chemistry, and polymer engineering. With such endeavors, the team has applied for 5 to 10 patents on average per year and published about 10 (academic) theses per year. Going forward, we will study and develop phenomenal technologies to flexibly respond to changes in the construction environment and contribute to the safe and strong development of construction while pursuing economic efficiency.