SAMPYO ‘BLUECON Self’ certified Industry’s first CoC(Certificate of Conformance) by the Ministry of Industry


50% reduction in air and labor costs…
Resolving complaints about noise and vibration in the downtown area

Sampyo Group announced that it has obtained the COC(Certificate of Conformance) for self-filling concrete ‘BLUECON SELF’ from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for the first time in the industry on August 1st.

COC(Certificate of Conformance) is a system that the government grants certification to prevent new products that have difficulties in launching or selling due to lack of appropriate standards in the existing certification system from being abandoned in the market.

Since it must satisfy more than the performance and quality required by the existing certification, the mark can be attached with the same effect as the KS (Korean Industrial Standard) and KC (National Integrated Certification Mark) certification.

BLUECON Self, which has been certified this time, maintains viscosity so that raw materials such as cement and aggregate do not separate from each other, while at the same time enhancing fluidity. Since a worker can pour concrete alone, the construction period and labor cost can be reduced by more than 50%, and the noise at the site can be drastically reduced. For this reason, the market share of self-filling concrete in advanced construction countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom is showing a growth trend, exceeding 30%.

In the case of construction sites in downtown areas, civil complaints are rampant due to noise and vibration. Vibrators, which account for most of the civil complaints, are essential for strength and durability as they play a role in filling concrete, but due to their roaring sound of over 90 dB, they have recently been avoided in urban construction.

BLUECON Self emerged as an alternative. Due to its high fluidity, it can fill gaps between structures that cannot be filled with ordinary concrete without a vibrator, and it can reduce site noise by about 20%. It is especially useful when constructing buildings with complex and precise structures.

Currently, self-recharged concrete is mainly used in high-rise buildings with a high strength of 35MPa or more in Korea. However, since BLUECON Self can maintain its original performance even under 24MPa, its use is expected to expand to general buildings.

Yoon In-gon, CEO of Sampyo Industry, emphasized, “With this certification, we have secured public confidence in the performance and value of Blucon Self.”

Meanwhile, Sampyo Group is leading the development of customized concrete that reflects the needs of construction companies. As a result, they are steadily introducing Blucon Self, ‘BLUECON Winter (cold-resistant)’ that does not freeze even at minus 10 degrees Celsius, and ‘BLUECON Speed ​​(high early strength)’ with increased early compressive strength.