SAMPYO P&C acquired Industry’s first ‘Environmental Product Declaration Level 2 Certification’ for low-carbon ultra-high-strength PHC pile


SAMPYO P&C held an event to celebrate the acquisition of low-carbon certification for ultra-high-strength PHC piles at its Jecheon plant on November 3, [Photo courtesy of SAMPYO P&C]

SAMPYO P&C announced on November 10 that the ultra-high-strength PHC pile jointly developed with POSCO E&C has obtained the industry’s first ‘Environmental Product Declaration (Stage 2) low-carbon certification. The Environmental Product Declaration Certification System, operated by the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute under the Ministry of Environment, is a system that quantitatively indicates the environmental impact of the entire process, such as raw material collection, production, transportation, distribution, use, and disposal, to improve the environmental performance of products and services.

It is operated with the 1st stage EPD certification, which indicates seven major environmental impacts such as carbon footprint, and the 2nd stage low-carbon certification, which reduces carbon emissions by more than 3.3%. In particular, second-stage low-carbon certified products are included in the scope of green products due to the revision of the Green Product Purchase Promotion Act in 2020, and demand for eco-friendly products is expected to increase in the future.

PHC piles are ultra-high-strength concrete piles used for foundation construction of apartments and buildings. The ultra-high-strength PHC pile that obtained the low-carbon certification this time is characterized by significantly increasing the compressive strength and reducing carbon emissions. The compressive strength of low-carbon ultra-high-strength PHC pile is 110MPa, which is higher than that of general PHC pile (80MPa), and it is an eco-friendly product that dramatically reduces carbon emissions. In addition, as it has excellent bearing capacity for high loads, it is possible to shorten the construction period and reduce costs by reducing the number of constructions as well as securing structural safety. In addition, as the application of low-carbon certified products is expanded, it is expected to contribute to additional points and ESG management in the case of green building certification of customers.

SAMPYO P&C is leading the industry by developing ultra-high strength piles for the first time in Korea in 2011. is being applied extensively. SAMPYO P&C plans to play a leading role in building carbon emission management.

An official from SAMPYO P&C said, “With this low-carbon product certification, we will be able to preemptively respond to the rapidly changing market environment and at the same time participate in the global trend of reducing carbon emissions.”